Support America, Free Speech and Freedom of Assembly! Hold Uncle Sam, Corporations and Banks accountable for their actions.

Occupy Portland - In Peaceful Solidarity with #OCCUPYWALLSTREET

"Obama, Holder, and B of A are coming!"

The Spirit of Occupy-Yankee Doodle Dandee

This site supports the truth and simply provides an avenue for like minds to support Free Speech and boycott the likes of Koch and B of A.  Torture, corruption and bank bailouts are not American values. The truth and freedom of the press are! 

In order for "Government for the people by the people"  to succeed, the people, need the truth. WikiLeaks and Anonymous are a part of the solution. This site is dedicated to that quest.
Now it is time for some good ole Yankee muckraking. Let the fun begin and close your B of A account today! Boycott Georgia Pacific products! Create Accountability! Let FREEDOM ring and let's occupy our own country for a change.

Update: 11-4-2011  Thank you Occupy!  It has been a long time since I was proud to be an American!

Please sign the guestbook!  What's your story?

Close your B of A account, or Wells, or Chase, etc. Together we make a difference.  

Please support Donald Vance. A Navy Veteran who was tortured by the US Government. Ask your Senator-Congressmen why YOUR DOJ is defending Donald Rumsfeld for his torture policies?

Support Scott Olsen and donate via ,  http://www.scottolsen.org/ and
http://ivaw.org/  Thank you!

Remember! Peaceful protest is the key!  It is a protest not a party! 

Occupy Portland - In Peaceful Solidarity with #OCCUPYWALLSTREET
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